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Business Town Properties
Panorama of Highway Commercial Area
Panorama of Part 2 (Sold to SPG) and Available Part 3 (Left)
Terrace Bay has established a Highway Commercial Development in the Northeast section of the township. The development is located along the Trans Canada Highway (Ontario Highway 17), across from Mill Road; the development has 4 lots available for purchase. Two lots have already been sold to 1) Thunder Bay Telephone (construction of a digital cell tower) and 2) Swipe, Pump, and Go (self-serve gas station). All the lots are fully serviced, with water, sewer, and hydro.
Property Information





Part 1 Millenium Rd

2.99 acres



Part 3 Millenium Rd

3.65 acres



Part 4 Millenium Rd

3.69 acres



Part 5 Millenium Rd

2.32 acres



* Part 2 Millenium Rd was sold to SPG. Download Development Blueprint.

For more information feel free to contact:
Dean Main, Community Development, 1-807-825-3315, x 230
Linda Chiupka, Special Projects, 1-807-825-3315, x231
This section of Highway 17 receives over 800,000 non-local vehicles annually (as measured in 2005 by the Ministry of Transportation).
Diagram of the Highway Commercial Development
 Additionally, these properties are located on the main turn-off into the AV Terrace Bay Inc. operation which receives over 400 transport trucks a day and has a workforce of approximately 360 employees.  The operation is growing with new ownership by the $40 Billion Aditya Birla Group and a planned investment of $250 million from 2013-2015.
The location is prominent in the Municipality and has a local population within 10 minutes driving of approximately 3,000 people. Roads have been cut out and prepared, electricity, water, and sewer has been brought into the development and the trees have been left as a revenue source for the successful purchaser to have cut and sold.
Mill Road Intersection
Mill Road Intersection
Northern Intersection
Northern Intersection

Building LOts for Sale

The Township of Terrace Bay has building lots available for sale.
Highlights of Some of the Conditions of Sale of the Building Lots:
  • Buildings, in line with the allowable uses, must be built in a timely manner (within 3 years) in accordance with the requirements outlined in the purchase agreement.
  • For residential lots, only new home construction is allowable. The Township will not entertain any offer regarding only the construction of a garage or other temporary structures.
  • The purchaser must pay the agreed upon price no later than 30 days from the date of the agreement of purchase.
  • If the successful purchaser does not construct a building within the time requirements outlined in the purchase agreement, the ownership of the lot reverts back to the Municipality and the bidder only receives back 50% of their purchase price less taxes and interest
  • The ability to waive the time requirement, and other guidelines outlined in the purchase agreement, is at the sole discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer / Clerk
Residential Lots
Commercial/Institutional/Industrial Lots

Contact Information

For more information on available building lots, please contact:
Jon Hall,
CAO / Clerk
1-807-825-3315, x232