Christmas Lights 2016 Contest Winners

Posted on December 16, 2016

The Christmas Lights Contest Winners – Top Ten List!

1st  3 Terrace Heights Christian & Jenn Sirois
2nd 4 Eastgrove Cr. Harold & Sylvia Sutherland
3rd 69 Terrace Heights Diane & Randy Cornect
4th  61 Terrace Heights Dave & Rhonda Waite
5th 17 Laurier Jen & Bryan McCluskey
6th 35 Pine Cr Alan & June King
7th 24 Parkway Pl Jenn Jeffery
8th 21 Elizabeth Ave Andre Theriault
9th 34 Superior Wendy Weaver
10th 3 Superior Jean Bozec
A big thank you to everyone who lit up our town this holiday season!