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Committees of Council

Government Township Municipal Office Committees of Council

The Township of Terrace Bay Council has a number of committees dedicated to handling issues in the Township. There is more information on committee vacancies, member roles and applications available at the Township’s municipal office.


Below is a list of the committees and the local members–as of January 2017:

Community Development Committee

The role of the Community Development Committee is to improve the quality of life—culturally, economically and socially—for the citizens of Terrace Bay and its visitors. Candidates who sit on this committee should have experience in policy making, volunteering involvement in community organizations and knowledge of the Terrace Bay Community.

The Committee generally meets the second Tuesday of each month.  The Township staff that advise the committee are Dean Main, Community Development Supervisor, and Michelle Malashewski, Community Development Assistant.

There are currently vacancies to be filled on the committee. All interested persons should send a letter of intent to the Town Council.

Community Development Members:
  • Stacey Wallwin
  • Joyce Gillmore
  • Horst Prager
Waterfront Development Members:
  • Paul Malashewski
  • Clayton Cooper
  • Luigina Costa
  • Ariane Falzetta
  • Bob Gammon


Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment makes decisions regarding minor variances from the requirements of the zoning by-law. Meetings are held on an “as needed” basis.


  • Rolly Moquin
  • Helga Mackenzie
  • Mary Clara Papineau


Terrace Bay Public Library Board


  • Anna Woods
  • Karen Morley (Council Rep.)
  • Mary Deschatelets (CEO)
  • Trustees: Ruth Mitchell, Lindy Coughlin


Cemetery Board


  • Sheila MoQuin
  • Gerri Turner
  • Mary Clara Papineau


Police Services Board


  • Paul Malashewski
  • Brenda Harper (Temporary Rep.)
  • Jody Davis
  • Jennifer Jeffery (Secretary)


Thunder Bay District Health Unit

  • Karen Morley


Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee has the responsibility to advise Council on matters related to land use in the Township, particularly zoning and official plan provisions, and site plan control application.

There are currently vacancies to be filled on the committee. All interested persons should send a letter of intent to the Town Council.

Planning Advisory Members:
  • Randy Mercure
  • Marc Trichilo


Ontarians with Disabilities Plan 2007 – 5

The goal of this committee is to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities and to provide for their involvement in the identification, removal and prevention of barriers to their full participation in the life of the municipality.

Working Group Member Affiliation Contact:
  • Linda Ballentine (for Chris Ballentine) – Special Olympics – (807) 825-3739
  • Jon Hall – Municipality – (807) 825-3315, Ext: 232
  • Kate Larson – Municipality – (807) 825-3315, Ext: 229