PUBLIC NOTICE: COVID-19 Pandemic Update

Posted on May 1, 2020

TERRACE BAY, ON May 1, 2020 As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, the Township of Terrace Bay remains active in monitoring the situation and continues to evaluate all communications from Public Health Agencies, Federal and Provincial Government related to the pandemic. We are also in contact with local businesses and neighbouring communities to share and ensure best practices for the health and well-being of our residents are in place.  Community safety is of utmost importance as we consider the next steps in this situation.  READ MORE

The Municipal Emergency Control Group (MECG) continues to meet twice a week to update on the Declared Emergency of March 28, 2020.  The group met again today to discuss local issues but also the Province’s Framework for Reopening that was released on April 27, 2020.  It is important to acknowledge that there are no hard dates included in the Province’s plan as this is meant as an outline for opening and not a calendar. The Township will follow this roadmap to guide us through the continued COVID-19 situation.

The Township’s administration is working diligently on the municipality’s reopening plan and operation guidelines. This will include new safety and sanitization measures to be implemented across all departments and facilities to ensure we meet, or exceed, the Province’s guidelines. Recommended preventative measures, such as the education and enforcement of physical and social distancing and municipal facility closures, continue as Terrace Bay’s Declaration of Emergency for COVID-19 remains in effect.  While there is no set timeline in place for the reopening of recreational facilities, we ask that the public remain patient and continue to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and responsible manner.  Also, as of today, the Township has not cancelled any special events in the community.  Internally, we continue to evaluate the scheduling or postponement of municipally run events on a weekly to daily basis.  Externally, we are in discussion with community groups to determine what their plans are for annual events, tournaments and festivals.

Please continue to monitor our social media, website and local media for updates and information.

As the weather gets warmer, residents are going to start getting out for more fresh air.  While we encourage this cautiously, it is crucial that social distancing and increased handwashing continue to be practiced.  It is also important to recognize the hard work of all our front-line workers that keep us healthy, protected and fed.  Please be kind to them as well as your neighbours.  We will get through this together.” Mayor Jody Davis.

For additional information, we recommend reading and monitoring the following websites:
North of Superior Healthcare Group
Thunder Bay District Health Unit
Government of Canada
Ontario Ministry of Health
Status of Cases in Ontario
World Health Organization