Slate Islands Wolf Sightings

Posted on February 1, 2019

WOLF SIGHTINGS AT SLATE ISLANDS? If anyone sees evidence of wolves out at the Slate Islands, especially tracks or audible howls please let the Township know. The concern is that if wolves reach the Slates this winter they could eliminate the few caribou that were moved there last year and any calves from this year. Local knowledge is the first and most important line of defense for the caribou. If you see or hear anything, please contact the Township of Terrace Bay. Contact Info: Jon Hall, CAO/Clerk – Township of Terrace Bay, or 807-825-3315 ext.232.

*Note – The Township in no way makes any claims about the safety of ice or weather conditions on Lake Superior.  Anyone travelling to the Slate Islands does so at their own risk and should take all safety precautions and obey all laws.