Recycling Update

Posted on May 21, 2021
RECYCLING UPDATE – NEW: We CAN recycle plastics labeled 1 through 7!  All recyclables MUST be cleaned. We cannot accept contaminated containers.  All plastics can be placed in the same clear plastic bag for pick up.  Examples include, but NOT limited to:
#1 Clear, Opaque, Thermoform Containers – Water bottles | Soda bottles | Peanut butter jars | plastic salad container | Clear plastic cups | Clear deli lids | Opaque ketchup bottles
#2 High Density Polythylene – Beverage containers | Laundry containers | Detergent bottles | Shampoo bottles | Bleach bottles | Vitamin containers | Plastic coffee containers
#3-7 Mixed Plastics – Salad dressing container | Honey container | Squeeze bottles | Yogurt/Sour Cream containers | Margarine container | Ice cream container | Take Out container
When in doubt, leave it out!  We are unable to accept the following items for recycling: glass, styrofoam, plastic bags or film, wrapping paper, waxed boxes and no hazardous waste.  Household Hazardous Waste Day is June 4th!  For more information visit, use our “What goes where tool” or download the Recycle Coach App!