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Moving to Terrace Bay

Residents Information for Residents Moving to Terrace Bay

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving to Terrace Bay

The following are some questions posed in the past from people interested in moving to Terrace Bay and the answers given by residents.
Q – What is there for children to do?
A – Terrace Bay, and neighbouring Schreiber, has many options for recreational and after-school programming. Click here to check out a video on recreation and events for kids.
Winter activites: the learn to skate program, figure skating, hockey, curling, cross country skiing, racquetball/squash and downhill skiing at Trestle Ridge.
Summer activities: golfing, fishing, surfing, boating, soccer, hiking, swimming at the Beaches or outdoor public pool, camping at the provincial parks or crown land in the area, having fun at the 3 Municipal parks in Terrace Bay
Year-round activities: 5 pin bowling, piano and music lessons, boxing, Navy Cadets, Tae Kwan Do, programs at the Recreation Centre or Public Library for crafts and other activities, and attending the various special events.
Fun in Terrace Bay
Having Fun at Trestle Ridge Ski Hill and at the Lighthouse Street Festival
Q – What is there for adults to do?
A – There is a wide variety of activities for adults in Terrace Bay and Schreiber including the above as applicable and various fitness classes, membership in the fitness centre, squash or racquetball, Choir lessons, baseball leagues, golf nights, curling leagues, or meeting some friends for a game of poker or night out at one of the local restaurants.  Visit the Community Calendar for more things to do.
Q – How Do I Find Out About Real Estate
A – Visit the Real Estate Webpage and consider contacting a local real estate salesperson to assist you with finding a house in Terrace Bay. Some housing may not be shown online but rather a private sale that only an experienced professional can tell you about.
Q – What are the Schools Like in Terrace Bay
A –  There are 3 primary schools – Terrace Bay Public School, St. Martin Catholic School, and Ecole Catholique Franco Terrace.  The schools are safe environments with modern facilities and technology resources.  The classes are small with personal attention for your loved ones.  Lake Superior High School serves the region with youth from Terrace Bay, Schreiber, and Rossport.  It is a progressive facility with very good teachers.  Adult education options are also available in Contact North and the Adult Learning Centre.
Q – What is there in the way of Businesses?
A – Terrace Bay has all the necessities within the local community. Costa’s Food Market has groceries including produce and deli, the LCBO has liquor and spirits, Stewart Guardian Pharmacy has pharmaceuticals, there are 2 gas stations, 7 restaurants, 3 motels, Terrace Bay Home Hardware, 3 automotive repair, 4 contracting companies, Canada Post, Northern Computers, and numerous other businesses.  Visit the Business Directory for an updated listing of the businesses in Terrace Bay and the region.
There are also business opportunities for entrepreneurs to consider purchasing.
If you have any other questions about Moving to Terrace Bay, please email or call us toll-free at 1-800-968-8616.
Q – What Types of Churches or Religious Organizations are there?
A – For more information, visit the Community Services Webpage
Q – What Community Groups or Support Groups are in the Area?
A – For more information, visit the Community Services Webpage