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Now is a Great Time to Retire in Terrace Bay!
The Township of Terrace Bay is a beautiful small town situated on the shores of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada. The township was created as a result of its proud forestry history and is home to approximately 1,800 residents.
Kayaking Lake Superior
Kayaking on Lake Superior
Terrace Bay Superior Seniors Club
Seniors Club St.Patricks Day Dinner

Some of the advantages for those who retire to Terrace Bay include:

  • The Aguasabon Medical Clinic – a physician for every resident and same day medical service
  • The McCausland hospital – professional, friendly care with short wait times in an emergency
  • Stewart Guardian Pharmacy – newly expanded with one-on-one services for older adults
  • Superior Seniors Club – active group with a wide variety of activities and events for members
  • Terrace Bay Cultural Centre – Seniors Activity Centre with drop-in centre and public library
  • Affordable housing and close proximity of services and retail sector
  • Safe, secure environment with excellent emergency services from Police, Ambulance, and Fire
  • Amazing natural beauty of the region and many outdoor activities
  • Temperate, comfortable summers and lack of natural disasters
  • 2 hour drive to Thunder Bay with access to international locations from Thunder Bay airport
McCausland Hospital
McCausland Hospital and Wilkes Terrace Long-Term Care Facility (right)
Terrace Bay has become known as a favourite for retirees due to its outstanding healthcare, low crime rate, variety of activities for older adults, and reasonably low cost of living.  The Aguasabon Medical Clinic has a full complement of family physicians and all new residents are immediately assigned a family phyisican upon visiting the clinic for the first time.  Terrace Bay is regularly in the lowest rate per capita for crime statistics and is viewed as a safe, caring environment.
The Municipality was designed in the 1940s and has most of everything within a two minute drive including groceries, pharmacy, hospital, restaurants, gas stations, home hardware and other service type businesses.  Excellent homes are available with prices generally ranging from $50,000-$100,000 and tax rates are some of the lowest in the region.  The Municipality believes in continuously examining ways to improve the life of its residents as shown by the recently completed $2 million Cultural Centre Project and the $3 million Downtown Revitalization Project.
For detailed information on our area, please download the following:
Simcoe Plaza in Terrace Bay
Newly Renovated Terrace Bay Downtown
Seniors Drop In Centre in Terrace Bay
Seniors Activity Centre Drop-In Room
If you are considering a move to Terrace Bay, please contact the following:
– Edna Arthur, Superior Seniors Co-ordinator – 1-807-825-3315, x244,
– Stephan Schmied, Special Projects Co-ordinator – 1-807-825-3315, x231
We offer free community tours and information packages based on the above documents.
Come see what people are talking about in beautiful Terrace Bay!