Terrace Bay Recycling Calendar January 2021 to June 2021

Posted on January 27, 2021

The Township of Terrace Bay’s 6 month recycling calendar has been updated for the months of January 2021 up to and including June 2021.

Download your electronic copy of the calendar today!

Calendar PDF: Terrace Bay Recycling Calendar January to June

Terrace Bay recycling program at residents’ fingertips with Recycle Coach web & mobile app

Terrace Bay now utilizes the Recycle Coach app to keep connected with its residents and reminds residents to download the smartphone app or access their web-app online.

Summer is here and many residents are excited to enjoy the warm weather. As residents spend more time outdoors and producing more waste in the process, the need for recycling knowledge specific to the community is heightened.

Equipped with the powerful “What Goes Where?” search engine on their website, Terrace Bay makes sorting waste and understanding collection requirements much easier for residents.

Recycle Coach "What goes where?"

Terrace Bay is thrilled to have Recycle Coach as a tool to stay connected with our residents. The web-app contains information our residents need to know about our residential garbage and recycling services. They can even expect communication directly from us should there be any changes to the program, including schedule updates, through the Recycle Coach app.” said Stacy Moffat, the Special Projects Coordinator.

The Recycle Coach app is not only a communication platform, but an educational one as well. Articles on a wide variety of garbage and recycling topics are available on the Recycle Coach website’s Blog, Recyclepedia, and Resources sections.

This move by Terrace Bay aims to increase the community’s recycling knowledge and elevate recycling in the local environmental conversation by making the recycling program simple, engaging, and easy to navigate.

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or download the app on your mobile device: