Spring Cleaning of Lawns

Posted on May 6, 2021

Bylaw 29-2014 Re: Spring Cleaning of Lawns – On May 3, 2021 Council passed the following resolution:

“RESOLVED THAT Council approve that enforcement of the “fouling of the highways provisions of bylaw 29-2014 be suspended with respect to spring lawn care until spring municipal sweeping operations have concluded.  “CARRIED”

What does this mean?
With respect to people raking and power-sweeping the winter sand and grit off their lawns and onto the road allowance, Council has directed Administration to use broad discretion when investigating any complaints and enforcement of this bylaw – as it relates to spring lawn care.

What can go on the road?

  • Sand and gravel from winter road operations

Please do not pile the sand.  Leave it spread out no more than two (2) feet from the edge of the road so that it can be picked up by the sweeper.

What should not be put on the road?

  • Grass clippings,
  • sticks, twigs and leaves.
  • rocks, wood and other “yard waste.”
  • Any other type of refuse, garbage or other similar material

Besides general cleanliness, the streets are swept twice to prevent grit and gravel from entering the storm water system, which diminishes storm water capacity over time.

Property Owners are responsible for clean-up of any lawn sweepings left on the road after spring sweeping operations have concluded and/or for any of the prohibited materials listed above.

Municipal sweeping operations typically commence mid-spring or as weather permits and conclude by early June.