Residents Notice – Local Water Restrictions

Posted on May 5, 2022

Residents are reminded that water restrictions are in place effective from the first day of March each year until the thirtieth day of November of the same year.   By-law 21-2006 specifies:  “No person shall use, cause or permit the use of water externally or through a hose, pipe or any other watering device or mechanism, lawns, gardens or other outside plants, grass, plots, boulevards or grounds of any description or the washing of any vehicle, trailer, boat, driveway, sidewalk, except in accordance with the following:

  1. a) premises with even street numbers on even numbered calendar days.
  2. b) premises with odd street numbers on odd numbered calendar days.
  3. c) a maximum of two (2) hours per day per household every other day, depending on street number.”

By-law Officer will monitor usage and fines will be laid as outlined in the by-law.  Fines range between $105.00 and $500.00.