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Terrace Bay Sports Wall of Fame

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Congratulations to the 2017 Sports Wall of Fame Inductees.  Sports Wall of Fame 2017 Inductees List

Athlete – Donna Shynkaryk Adams – Badminton Builder – Aguasabon Golf Executive 1960 – Golf
Athlete – Shayna Bazzoni – Figure Skating Builder – Tony Costa – Sponsor
Athlete – Lynn Simmer Black – Basketball Builder – Dave Desrosiers – Golf
Athlete – Paul Dashkewytch – Golf Builder – Rick Jeanneret – Hockey
Athlete – Fred Erickson – Hockey Builder – Paul Malashewski – Golf
Athlete – Don Fedun – Hockey Builder – Frank Sechesky – Hockey
Athlete – Gary Gresdal – Hockey Builder – Superior Classics Car Club 1999 – Drag Racing
Athlete – Ken Hanley – Golf
Athlete – Pat Hanley – Hockey Team – Peggy Wellings Curling Team 1961-62 – Curling
Athlete – Tim Hanley – Hockey Team – Lou Duquette Curling Team 1963-64 – Curling
Athlete – Haley Irwin – Hockey Team – Terrace Bay Midget Hockey 1962-63 – Hockey
Athlete – Bill Little – Hockey Team – Terrace Bay Peewee Hockey Team 1967-68 – Hockey
Athlete – Aaron MacKenzie – Hockey Team – Terrace Bay Superiors Hockey Team 1960-61 – Hockey
Athlete – Mike Moher – Hockey
Athlete – Shannon MoQuin – Special Olympics
Athlete – Jim Moro – Hockey
Athlete – Karri Pollard – Archery
Athlete – Brandon Pope – Distance Running
Athlete – Danny Schock – Hockey
Athlete – Ron Schock – Hockey
Athlete – Charlie Simmer – Hockey
Athlete – Stan Spadoni Jr. – Golf
Athlete – Amy Stachiw – Curling
Athlete – Bill Stachiw – Golf


The Presentation of Awards and a Social honouring the Inductees will be held on Thursday, August 17 at the Michael King Hall at 7:00pm


The Sports Wall of Fame was established in 2016 by the Township of Terrace Bay.

The purpose of the Terrace Bay Sports Wall of Fame is to provide a venue for recognition of outstanding contribution and achievements in sports for Terrace Bay residents. The Terrace Bay Sports Wall of Fame is to provide a permanent and public display of sport achievements by athletes, teams, and builders promoting Terrace Bay’s sporting history.  There are three categories: Athlete, Team and Builder.  Policies and Procedures

Inductees are recognized by a plaque which contains a picture of the individual, team, or builder along with a condensed biography. This plaque is displayed in the designated area chosen as “Sports Wall of Fame” at the Terrace Bay Community Centre.

ATHLETE Criteria
An individual may qualify by having participated successfully in amateur or professional sport, having performed in such a way as an individual or member of a team, to bring special honour to and foster a sense of pride in the Municipality of Terrace Bay at a community, regional, provincial, national or international level

TEAM Criteria
A team must have attained a high level of excellence and brought honour to and foster a sense of pride in the Municipality of Terrace Bay at a community, regional, provincial, national or international level.

BUILDER Criteria
A builder must have demonstrated consistently outstanding commitment and leadership to athletics or sports as an official, executive, trainer, coach, administrator, teacher, sponsor or volunteer, over an extended period of time (minimum of 5 years).

How to Nominate an Athlete, Team or Builder

Nomination Form – Athlete PDF      Online Submission

Nomination Form – Team PDF        Online Submission

Nomination Form – Builder PDF      Online Submission

The nomination form contains complete instructions including contact information if you have any questions.

Nomination forms to be submitted on or before March 31st of each year.

Nominations can be emailed

Nominations can be mailed to:

Township of Terrace Bay,
Sports Wall of Fame Nomination,
P.O. Box 40, Terrace Bay, ON P0T 2W0


Terrace Bay Sports Wall of Fame Committee

Horst Prager – Community Development Chairperson
Rod MacKenzie
Paul Malashewski
Bobby Spadoni
Herb Pearen
Andrew Gramatowski
Barbara Gramatowski
Stacey Wallwin – Community Development Committee Representative
Mike Moore – Council Representative
Dean Main – Community Development Supervisor
Michelle Malashewski – Community Development Assistant