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Terrace Bay Off-Road Vehicle Bylaw Information

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Background Info

In response to the Province  amending the Highway Traffic Act, the Township of Terrace Bay first passed a bylaw governing the use of Off-Road Vehicles (ORV) on Township streets in  2010, Bylaw 38-2010.  That bylaw was rescinded in 2015 with the passage of Bylaw 31-2015, Being A By-law Regulate The Use of Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) On Municipal Highways.  This is the current ORV bylaw in Terrace Bay.

Bylaw 31-2015 was then amended to add set fines for violations by Bylaw 39-2016, Being a by-law to amend By-law No. 31-2015 To Regulate the Use of Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) on Municipal Highways.

General Info

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What are the general rules for riding?

  • Where should ORVs be driven on-road?
    • Along the shoulder of the roadway in the same direction of traffic.
    • If the shoulder is obstructed or if there is no shoulder, ride as close to the right of the road as possible.
  • When can I ride?
    • Off-road vehicles shall only be operated on highways from the hours of 7:00am (0700h) to 11:00pm (2300h) on any day.
    • Operation and use of off-road vehicles must be in accordance with Bylaw 369 (commonly known as the Noise Control By-law)
  • How fast can I go?
    • No person shall operate an off-road vehicle at a greater rate of speed than twenty kilometres per hour (20 km/h) upon any highway or service roadway or part thereof within Terrace Bay.
  • Who can ride?
    • Only those with a minimum G2 or M2 licence may operate an ORV on highways and municipal roads where permitted.
    • Graduated Licensing System requirements apply to young and novice drivers when driving on-road.
    • Children under the age of eight (8) are not permitted as passengers on an ORV that is operating on-road.

Where can I drive my ORV in Terrace Bay?

  • Where can I ride?
    • You CAN ride on Terrace Bay streets and roads with noted exceptions below
    • You CAN ride on established trail systems
    • You CAN ride on Highway 17 within the Township boundaries of Terrace Bay
    • You CANNOT ride on any Private Property unless you have permission of the owner.
    • You CANNOT ride on the street known as SIMCOE PLAZA
    • You CANNOT ride on any SIDEWALK within the Township of Terrace Bay

What are the fines for violations of Bylaw 31-2015?

Schedule “A”
Bylaw No. 31-2015
A By-law Regulate The Use of Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) On Municipal Highways
ITEM COLUMN 1- Short Form Wording


Provision Creating or Defining Offence


Set Fine

1. Unlawfully operate off-road vehicle that fails to meet equipment or operational requirements. Section 4.1 $85.00
2. Operate an off-road vehicle on private property without consent of the owner. Section 4.4 (a) $55.00
3. Operate an off-road vehicle on other than established trail system. Section 4.4 (b) $55.00
4. Operate an off-road vehicle on municipal walkways. Section 4.4 (c) $55.00
5. Operate an off-road vehicle on Simcoe Plaza Roadway. Section 4.4 (d) $55.00
6. Operate an off-road vehicle during prohibited hours. Section 4.5 $55.00

2020 Legislation Updates

Effective July 1, 2020,  the province expanded the types of ORV’s that could be permitted on-road to two new additional types: off-road motorcycles (ORM) commonly known as dirt bikes; and, extreme terrain vehicles(XTV), which are semi-amphibious vehicles with six or more wheels.  Additional types of ORVs can be permitted on municipal roads and provincial roadways where local municipalities create new or amend by-laws to enable their use.  Existing ORV by-laws currently granting access will not automatically permit new types; a new by-law will need to be passed after July 1, 2020.  Vehicles permitted on any municipal road where a by-law is created to enable their use will continue to be permitted.

Can I ride ORM’s and XTV vehicles on the streets right now?

NO, these two new additional types are NOT currently legal to be operated on any highway or municipal road within the Township of Terrace Bay.

Moving Forward


  • These new vehicle types will require at least a G2 or M2 licence, the same as other off-road vehicles.
  • These vehicles do not come with lights so they are restricted from operating at night or when the weather is poor unless equipped with proper aftermarket lighting.
  • Also, no passengers are allowed on ORMs.

Proposed for January 1, 2021: in municipalities listed in Regulation 8/03, all ORV vehicle types, including new vehicle types, will be permitted on municipal roads.  Municipalities must create a by-law to restrict or prohibit their use.

A public meeting will be scheduled in the autumn of 2020 to gather feedback on allowing or disallowing these new additional types of ORV’s

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For more information on the Off-Road Vehicles Bylaw please contact the Clerk’s Office at ext. 232 or via email 


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