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Mar 28 2020 Public Notice: COVID-19 Update Declaration of Emergency

Public Notice

COVID-19 Pandemic Update: Declaration of Emergency

TERRACE BAY, ON March 28, 2020 The Township of Terrace Bay has issued a Declaration of Emergency for COVID-19.  This is a precaution in order to access additional resources and funding during this pandemic, when and if to protect the health and safety of our residents and businesses.  While precautionary, the Township is taking the current situation very seriously and is taking every step that we can to protect the community from the threat.

Mayor Jody Davis, on behalf of the Township of Terrace Bay, has declared an emergency to the Province of Ontario dated March 28, 2020, due to Public Health Concerns. This action is deemed necessary to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our residents and properties.  Our declaration is made in support of the North of Superior Healthcare Group (NOSH) and in/with the support of our neighbouring community, the Township of Schreiber.

The Township of Terrace Bay remains diligent in monitoring the situation as it pertains to COVID-19.  We continue to evaluate all communications from local and regional health agencies, as well as communications from other Federal and Provincial Government Health Authorities. The health and well-being of our residents and community is of great importance.

Mayor Jody Davis                                          J. Hall, CAO/Clerk
mayor@terracebay.ca                                   cao@terracebay.ca

For additional information, we recommend reading and monitoring the following websites:
North of Superior Healthcare Group
Thunder Bay District Health Unit
Government of Canada
Ontario Ministry of Health
Status of Cases in Ontario
World Health Organization

Community Message from Virg McMillan

Community Message:
Virg McMillan

Virg shares her words of wisdom with the community:

Community Message from Kim Asmussen

Community Message:
Kim Asmussen

Kim shares his words of wisdom with the community:

Mar 25 2020 Public Notice: COVID-19 Update

Public Notice
COVID-19 Pandemic Update

TERRACE BAY, ON March 25, 2020 Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the Township of Terrace Bay’s Municipal Emergency Control Group (MECG) has met numerous times, most recently on March 24th at 10am to discuss updates from the Federal and Provincial governments; updates from health agencies that we liaise with; the Township’s Emergency Plan and continued monitoring of the COVID-19 situation. Terrace Bay’s MECG group consists of the Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk, Fire Chief, and Public Works Supervisor.

While we continue to monitor the situation and work with our neighbouring municipalities and partner agencies, we do not see a municipal emergency being declared as a necessary step at this time. It is important to emphasize that this situation could change very rapidly.

Reminder – Think Before You Flush

A reminder to be careful what you flush.  Wet wipes, paper towels and facial tissues can clog pipes.  We recognize that many residents may be increasing their use of disinfectant wipes, paper towels and facial tissues in response to COVID-19.  We would like to remind residents not to flush wet wipes of any kind. Despite what some packaging says, wipes are not flushable. Paper towels and facial tissues also do not belong in the toilet. These items cannot be flushed because they do not break down like toilet paper does. READ MORE

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