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Birch Grove Motel - Houskeeping

316 Walker St., Box 277, Schreiber

Filane's Cosiana Inn

315 Ethel St., Box 493, Schreiber

Filane's Fallen Rock Motel

Highway 17, Box 493, Schreiber

Gravel River Resort

Highway 17, Box 788, Schreiber

Imperial Motel

3 Simcoe Plaza, Highway 17, Terrace Bay

Jackfish Lake Cottages

Highway 17, Box 634, Terrace Bay

Neys Provincial Park

Highway 17, Box 280, Terrace Bay

Norwest Motel

Highway 17, Box 277, Schreiber

Norwood Motel

Highway 17, Terrace Bay

Red Dog Inn

1120 Highway 17, Box 607, Terrace Bay

Rongie Lake Motel

Highway 17, 111 Kingsway, Box 490, Schreiber

Sunset Motel

15 Highway 17, Box 211, Schreiber

The Coach House Motel

Highway 17, P.O. Box 877, Terrace Bay

The Voy

28 ON-17, Schreiber
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