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Land Use Planning (Official Plan & Zoning Bylaw)

Government Documents & Forms Land Use Planning (Official Plan & Zoning Bylaw)

Township of Terrace Bay Official Plan

The Terrace Bay Official Plan is intended to set out comprehensive policies, objectives, and programs that will guide decision making related to physical change within the Township during the twenty (20) year lifespan of the plan, and;

  • Provide for the general health, safety and welfare of present and future residents;
  • Develop a strong community in which the focus of growth is directed toward the serviced Urban Settlement Area in a way that efficiently uses land;
  • Enhance and encourage economic development that complements, diversifies, and grows the current economic base of the community and the surrounding area;
  • Develop the town center as an attractive public meeting place and as the heart of retail commercial activity in the community;
  • Increase the available housing supply to meet the needs of all income groups;
  • Protect sensitive land uses from incompatible development;
  • Co-ordinate and guide development in balance with available resources and generally accepted good planning concepts and principles;
  • Maintain the rural character and attributes of the Township that lie outside of the Urban Settlement Area;
  • Encourage the actions of private interests and senior levels of government to target and implement similar objectives;
  • Provide opportunities for and to protect natural resource extraction activities from uses which would preclude or hinder the continuation of extraction
  • Protect the natural environment;
  • Optimize the use of infrastructure in planning for growth and development;
  • Provide an open, transparent, and fair public framework within which municipal planning decisions are considered and decided;
  • Highlight economic development initiatives that are planned or underway;
  • Establish and facilitate a clear, easily understood and responsive municipal planning program;
  • Provide measures for conservation, particularly through water and waste management and recycling.

Terrace Bay Official Plan (Ministers-Modified-OP-Terrace-Bay-2016-08-12 (w/schedules))

Terrace Bay Official Plan Bylaw (Bylaw 35-2015)

Township of Terrace Bay Zoning Bylaw

It is intended that this By-law set out appropriate zones describing desired and permitted uses of land and establishing minimum standards and requirements for such zones and the related uses in order to promote and achieve the health, safety, convenience and general welfare of the current and future inhabitants of the Township.

Terrace Bay Zoning Bylaw (Bylaw 10-2016)

Amendments to the Zoning Bylaw

Bylaw 22-2016 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw – Waterfront Residential

Bylaw 23-2017 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw – Printing & Publishing Establishment

Bylaw 34-2018 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw – Temporary Work Camp Use

Bylaw 42-2018 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw – Storage of Recreation Vehicles

Bylaw 18-2019 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw – Short Term Accommodation (11B Simcoe Plaza)

Bylaw 20-2019 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw – LDR Home Based Business Exemption (8 Southridge Cres.)

Bylaw 9-2020 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw – Expansion to Aggregate Pit # 6692

Bylaw 10-2020 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw – Expansion to Aggregate Pit # 604081

Planning Applications and Fees

The fee for processing the following planning applications shall be an amount equal to the amount incurred by the Municipality. Costs incurred by the municipality or committee of adjustment shall include but not be limited to planner’s fees, engineering fees, legal fees, registration fees, technical peer review, Local Planning Appeal Tribunal fees, and internal administration fees. Notwithstanding the above, a deposit toward such fees in the amount shown shall accompany each application:

Application Type Fee
Official Plan Amendment $2,000 – minor

$3,000 – major

Zoning Bylaw Amendment $1,800
Minor Variance $900
Plan of Subdivision $2,500 up to 10 lots

$4,500 up to 20 lots

$6,500 more than 20 lots

Consent $1,100
Part-Lot Control, Deeming By-law, Validation of Title $800
Site Plan Control Agreement $1,500 – minor

$2,000 – major

Bylaw 16-2019, Being a Bylaw to Prescribe a Tariff of Fees for applications for Land Use Planning Matters


Any Planning Questions or Concerns should be directed to the Clerk’s Office

Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk
Township of Terrace Bay
P.O. Box 40, 1 Selkirk Avenue, Terrace Bay, Ontario P0T 2W0
T: (807) 825-3315, Ext: 7108
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