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Dog Tags

Government Municipal Services Administration Dog Tags

Dog Tags are available for purchase at the Terrace Bay Community Centre Office:

Rates to March 31st:
$15.00 – Neutered/Spayed
$50.00 – Non-Neutered/Spayed
Rates starting April 1st:
$30.00 – Neutered/Spayed
$75.00 – Non-Neutered/Spayed
It is the responsibility of all residents to clean up after their dogs within Township limits.
Dog Tags
Veterinary Services
 Dr. Larry Simpson will be offering Monthly Veterinary Services.
Low cost spay/neuter program and discounted vaccines.
Clinic is located at the Sea Cadet Building, 4 Beach Road, Terrace Bay, ON
For surgery and appointments call:  Diana Montey at 807-825-2783