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Government Municipal Services Administration Utilities


The annual monthly water rates as per By-Law No. 1-2017 (amended January 1, 2017) are as follows:
Single Family Residential (SFR) [Rate Code: 10]
Duplex, townhouses w/ 3 units [Rate Code: 12]
Townhouse w/ 4 units [Rate Code: 13]
Apartment unit in a SFR, Second Unit in a Detached house, Semi-detached House or Row House, and units in Ancillary Buildings [Rate Code: 14]
More than 2 units of apartments [Rate Code: 15]
Small commerical, except those listed elsewhere. Rate is per usable floor level unless one tenant fits another category in which case higher rate applies.
1 storey [Rate Code: 20]
2 stories [Rate Code: 22]
3 stories [Rate Code: 23]
Intermediate Industrial/Commerical/Institutional Users
"A" Small industrial, hair shops, barber shops, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, laundromats, garages and similar, golf course restaurant (no fairway use) [Rate Code: 30]
Other Commerical [Rate Code: 32]
"B" Schools [Rate Code: 33]
"C" Motel Rates [Rate Code: 35]
$9.65 per rentable room, $106.24 per restaurant, $106.24 per bar
Specific Establishments - Total
16 rooms [Rate Code: 36]
21 rooms, restaurant and bar [Rate Code: 37]
40 rooms, restaurant [Rate Code: 38]
Large Users
Hospital [Rate Code: 45]
Long-Term Care [Rate Code: 46]
Industrial Roll Number 5854 000 001 00401 0000 [Rate Code: 47]
Disconnect & Reconnect Fee
Disconnect & Reconnect for Maintenance Only
Disconnected Buildings & Vacant Lands - All Classes
1/3 montly class rate
Water bills are sent out quarterly in the months of February, May, August and September; payments are due on the last business day of the billing month. Payments can be made at the Municipal Office, by mail or electronically through most financial institutions.  When making a payment online, you need to enter all sections of your account number (001 XXXXXX 000).



Hydro One is responsible for the delivery, administration and maintenance of the power utility in Terrace Bay.  For more information on rates of service, please visit the Hydro One website or call one of the customer service staff.
Hydro One Contact Information
Billing and Service Inquiries
   (7:30am – 8:00pm EST)
Fax (905) 944-3251
Power Outage/Emergencies (24 hours) 1 (800) 434-1235
Self Service Website Inquiries 1-888-398-9995
Mailing Address Hydro One Networks Inc.
185 Clegg Rd.
Markham, Ontario L6G 1B7


Terrace Bay does not have access to natural gas and heating is accomplished through heating oil by way of local distributors Esso and Mikus Fuels and by electricity through Hydro One.