Terrace Bay ORV Bylaw Information

Posted on March 6, 2024

With the increase usage of the ORV’s in the community, we would like to remind all users of the following:

Where can I drive my ORV in Terrace Bay?

  • Where can I ride?
    • You CAN ride on Terrace Bay streets and roads with noted exceptions below
    • You CAN ride on established trail systems
    • You CAN ride on Highway 17 within the Township boundaries of Terrace Bay
    • You CANNOT ride on any Private Property unless you have permission of the owner.
    • You CANNOT ride on the street known as SIMCOE PLAZA
    • You CANNOT ride on the Terrace Bay Beach
    • You CANNOT ride on any SIDEWALK within the Township of Terrace Bay
    • You CANNOT ride off-road motorcycles (ORM) commonly known as dirt bikes; and, extreme terrain vehicles(XTV), which are semi-amphibious vehicles with six or more wheels on any municipal highway

What are the general rules for riding?

  • Where should ORVs be driven on-road?
    • Along the shoulder of the roadway in the same direction of traffic.
    • If the shoulder is obstructed or if there is no shoulder, ride as close to the right of the road as possible.
  • When can I ride?
    • Off-road vehicles shall only be operated on highways from the hours of 7:00am (0700h) to 11:00pm (2300h) on any day.
    • Operation and use of off-road vehicles must be in accordance with Bylaw 369 (commonly known as the Noise Control By-law)
  • How fast can I go?
    • No person shall operate an off-road vehicle at a greater rate of speed than twenty kilometres per hour (20 km/h) upon any highway or service roadway or part thereof within Terrace Bay.
  • Who can ride?
    • Only those with a minimum G2 or M2 licence may operate an ORV on highways and municipal roads where permitted.
    • Graduated Licensing System requirements apply to young and novice drivers when driving on-road.
    • Children under the age of eight (8) are not permitted as passengers on an ORV that is operating on-road.

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