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Waterfront Development Project

Government Waterfront Development Project

Terrace Bay Waterfront Development Project

The Township of Terrace Bay is on the verge of realizing one of its long-lasting strategic goals of waterfront development that will improve the overall quality of life for local residents as well as the local economy through tourism attraction. The Terrace Bay Waterfront Development Study and the Implementation Plan identified the strategic potential of developing the Terrace Bay Beach, for its commercial waterfront development opportunities and regional tourism growth potential.

This project has received funding from the FedNor ($1.1M), Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation ($1.5M) and from the Métis Nation of Ontario ($8,600).

The Terrace Bay Waterfront Development Project is currently at the construction phase to establish an attraction spot that will provide a waterfront staging area for residents and tourists to easily access and fully experience Lake Superior, the Slate Islands Provincial Park, the Lake Superior Water Trail/Trans-Canada Trail, Parks Canada’s Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA), and the Casque Isles Hiking Trail, a segment of the Voyageur Trail and the Trans-Canada Trail (The Great Trail).

Weekly Construction Updates

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July 10th 2020: Newsletter – Waterfront Development

Project Reports

1_Terrace Bay Waterfront – Phase One Implementation Study

2_Terrace Bay Waterfront Development Study – Background Reports


TB Waterfront Project Update

Images: Pavilion Under Construction