Temporary Allowance for Open Air Burning

Posted on May 15, 2020

As of 12:01 a.m. on May 16, 2020, Ontario is lifting the Restricted Fire Zone (RFZ) designation that was put in place last month across Ontario’s fire region. Under the authority of the Fire Chief, the Township of Terrace Bay is going to temporarily allow open – air burning in outdoor fire containers only.    Temporarily Allow Open Air Burning Notice.           READ MORE

From Bylaw 9-2008, Being A by-law to Regulate Open Air Burning in the Municipality

3.2. Open Air Burning Allowed – Outdoor Fire Container

  • A person may conduct an Open Air Burning in an Outdoor Fire Container, subject to the conditions set out in this Part.
  • A person conducting an Open Air Burning shall comply with the following conditions for an Open Air Burning in an Outdoor Fire Container:
    1. shall only conduct the Open Air Burning between 4:00pm and 1:00am
    2. shall only use an Outdoor Fire Container that is constructed from non-combustible material;
    3. shall not burn or attempt to burn at one time a volume of combustible material greater than specified on the Permit;
    4. shall contain the fire within the Outdoor Fire Container at all times;
    5. shall locate the Outdoor Fire Container a minimum clear distance, as specified on the Permit, away from any building, structure, property line, tree, hedge, fence, roadway, overhead wire or other combustible article; and
    6. shall locate the Outdoor Fire Container on a non-combustible surface extending beyond the unit to a dimension as specified on the Permit.

Anyone wishing to renew or apply for a permit MUST call:

Fire Chief Moe Stark (807) 229-6421
Deputy Chief Ryan Bolan (807) 823-1503
The Fire Hall (807) 825-3554
  • All other provisions of Bylaw 9-2008 and permit holder “Responsibilities” remain in effect. No other burning is currently permitted within the Township limits.
  • Fire pit/container inspections will be carried out between 10am-5pm (closed on Monday) or at the discretion of the Fire Department.
  • Payment for permits can be made over the phone with a credit card during current business hours OR as soon as possible at the Municipal Office when it is open to the public.

Following the Province, the Township will continue to assess fire hazard conditions and the public is advised that open-air burning could be restricted again, if conditions deteriorate.


Mayor Jody Davis                  Moe Stark, Fire Chief             Jonathan Hall, CAO/Clerk

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